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Комментарий от ennui

This is the basic reputation for Molten Core. Before silithus was itemized, the elementals there were farmable for Hydraxian Rep, but the reputation is for the most part useless.

The boss of the Hydraxians is on a tiny island off the southeastern coast of Azshara, surrounded by gaurdian Hydraxians. The eventual purpose of the quest chain he offers is to provide you with a "quintessence" which is used to douse the runes in molten core and allow access to the final boss, Ragnaros.

Towards the end of the chain there is also a decent rare fire resist ring which can help with conquering the firebased dungeon.

A recent patch upgraded the single use rune waters to a permanent one acquirable with the appropriate reputation, so molten core raiders no longer have to visit the Hydraxian lord every week for a new water.

Комментарий от Jamesons

The boss on the island is named Duke Hydraxis, and is a 60 elite. Not sure why he isnt under the NPC catagory.

Комментарий от Bartoc

The rep required is Revered but this is nothing to worry about. If you are just starting Molten Core then you will not need the water as it is only needed once you can defeat Major Domo and proceed on to confront Ragnaros. By the time you are ready for that you should easily be Revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords. Here is the link to Duke Hydraxis' info http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=13278

--Elementals in Silithus can be killed for reputation up until the end of Friendly.--Lord Incendius in BRD, Pyroguard Emberseer in UBRS as well as trash mobs in Molten Core will give you reputation until the end of Honored.--One boss in MC at the end of Honored will put you into Revered.

Комментарий от askr

cuz the duke itself doesnt belong to that faction

Комментарий от Warden

At level 70 the reputation gained from the Desert Rumblers and Dust Stormers, and following that logic the Greater Obsidian Elementals, is reduced to 1 per kill.

Комментарий от moenbase

Is it correct that there are no reputation rewards at all?That makes this faction rather pointless, unless you want to kill the last boss in MC.

Комментарий от LthrFinn

The coordinates for the island are 79.73 (Bay of Storms).

Комментарий от thedeathtrap


Комментарий от Chaoslux

Also, yes this faction doesn't gives any reasons, except an "obsolete raid rep", but, much like old-world tradeskill professions, This faction is quite wanted by reputation hunters who likes to see all their faction at "Exalted", or have as much as possible for the "sake of completion".

Комментарий от patrikman

No good reason to be friendly with them. You can ignore them and nothing happens.

Комментарий от AxelF

It is now like all other reputations a achivement.

Wonder if anyone will care about some reputation achivements like timbamaw hold and these waterloards which take ages.

Комментарий от Combusted

Does anyone know of a decent way to grind rep with these guys?I don't know anyone who can regularly come to Molten Core... and the elementals in Silithus are only giving 1 rep a kill... how are you guys grinding this rep? (If at all)

Thanks in advance,Combusted.

Комментарий от steve13186

The reason why the elementals in Silithus give only 1 rep per kill now is that mobs that give you reputation but are grey to you, give only a fifth of their normal rep.

Can anyone confirm if this applies to the MC elites or bosses as well the pyroguard in BRS?

Комментарий от pibbz

Bosses in MC grant +20 reputation at level 80. So they do indeed diminish.

Комментарий от IpKonfig

60 Rep x 5 Bosses = 300 Rep 300 Rep / 52 Weeks in a Year = 5.76 Years for Exalted

Комментарий от IpKonfig

With only 350 reputation points possible each week, it takes over a year to go from Revered to Exhalted alone. At level 80, we're getting 1/5 of the rep. So the math looks something like this:

21000 Rep Needed / 350 Per Week = 60 Weeks = 1.15 Years

At Level 80

60 Weeks x 5 = 300 Weeks 300 Weeks / 52 Weeks In A Year = 5.76 Years

Комментарий от coolfreezer

thats false

i tryed to drain soul every boss in mc yesterday and i didn't get ONE shard , so the only explenation i can give is that they count as lvl 63 "mobs" and so they wouldn't grant any exp at lvl 80. and for game mechanics the reason why they crush is that they are bosses and NOT because they are counted as lvl 80 + 3. boss doesn't mean they are higher lvl than you only there abilities against you work in different ways as normal mobs or players

Комментарий от IpKonfig

That proves his point. The mobs are still "Skull" meaning their hit mechanics are based on them being level 83 but as far as rep/exp they are counted as level 63. It is currently impossible to get from revered to exalted.

Комментарий от coolfreezer

there is a difference between boss and lvl 83 so shut up and do not report false things.

you cannot resist boss spells by any mean but you can from lvl 83 mobs so explain how this is possible if they would count as lvl 83. you cannot so i would say you are wrong. the next time go inform yourself and THEN come here and try to explain those things.

and it is POSSIBLE to get from revered to exalted it would "only" need 100 weeks and that would mean 2 years of farming in mc

Комментарий от coolfreezer

reputation gain is bugged as reported in a blue post by blizzard today. they will fix this in a future patch, maybe 3.0.8?

Комментарий от veno3

Reputation gain will be fixed in a future patch.

This has been taken under consideration, and in a future patch creatures associated with the Hydraxian Waterlords will give full reputation irrespective of your character's level.

Source - http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=7190890148&sid=1

Комментарий от Argias

Good news, brahs.

This impossibly impossible achievement is getting fixed.

SOURCE: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/12/7190890148-hydraxian-waterlords.html

Thanks for your query, which was passed along to our development team. This has been taken under consideration, and in a future patch creatures associated with the Hydraxian Waterlords will give full reputation irrespective of your character's level. :-)

Комментарий от Linithia

Blizzard just pulled an Epic Win. EPIC WIN. No more farming Rag and Golmagg for 5 years.

Комментарий от Zindeo

I've got 20999 into revered and I don't get any rep from the mobs in MC any more. Anyone know what I have to do to just get that last 1 rep? :P

Комментарий от despyz

As of World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.0.8 released on Tuesday, January 20 2009...

"Reputation rewarded for killing mobs will no longer automatically deprecate. This means trivial mobs will continue to give out their full amounts of reputation on kill for the majority of cases in the game (level 70 creatures in Stratholme, for example, will continue to award the full amount of rep to level 80 players seeking to boost their Argent Dawn faction)."

This means you will get full reputation regardless of your level and regardless that the mob is gray or not.

Комментарий от shadowmx

You get 1050 rep (1155 human) for a full clear once you hit Revered.

It will take 19 runs to reach exalted. Just in case anyone is wondering.

Once you reach 20999/21000 only Ragnaros and Golemagg will give reputation.

Комментарий от Pasplan

I have reached 11.999 honored and reputation does not changes to revered if I continue killing.Does it turn to revered only killing bosses? Or do I have to go to the Duke and talk to him?


Комментарий от Game

This isn't a forum. Make a factual statement or FO.

Комментарий от Koreon

I was just doing MC today, got quite a bit of rep seeing as we were clearing all of the trash. I'm just at Friendly now, can't IMAGINE getting Exalted, jeez!

~ Astronomo of Zangarmarsh.

Комментарий от oldiron79

part of the insane in the membrane achievement

Комментарий от hyperholypally

That is false. Insane in the membrane requires Darkmoon Faire, all four Goblins, Ravenholdt, and Shen'dralar all to exalted, and the Bloodsail Buccaneers to Honored.

Hydraxian Waterlords are not required for IITM

Комментарий от samous

Some how, if your in Kalimdor-Silithus-The Crystal Vale, if you kill any of the elementals there, you gin exp with "Hydraxian Waterlords". It's been a while since I've done that, so I don't remember how much exp it gives.


Комментарий от divanova

I got friendly with them today by killing some elementals at Crystale Vale, I went back for the Duke, and he dint even offered me Stormers and Rumblers. So they just practically dished all the quests. So you wont get to get done those quest chain for Loremaster of Kalimdor, nor for the extra rep they used to give.

Комментарий от one8seven

When cataclysm comes, this achiev will be a feats?

Комментарий от DrCheis

You cannot lose reputation with this faction, even by checking "at war" with the Waterlords and killing their members. So if you think the reputation grind is annoying, feel free to take out your frustration on their water elementals.

Комментарий от Marimalino

And I thought this would be a chill rep to get exalted with . But as I See it . You can get 1150 rep each week , Wich will be ... aprox 21 weeks untill you hit exalted from revered -.-

Комментарий от Putzahontas

You no longer need the quintessence to summon the last two bosses of Molten Core.

Комментарий от Grigor12

Well since Ragnaros is dissappearing from MC it seems like it lacks a final boss and thus makes the instance unable to complete, what do you know, perhaps on some wicked circumstances you see a new boss in here! :p

But infact that Raggy no longer will be present I hardly see that the raid-instance itself will still be around.

I myself am not NOWHERE close of being exalted with them Hydraxians, so I hope that it won't dissappear and still be farmable!

Let's just furiously farm MC like beasts until Cataclysm, shall we? I know I will! :D

Комментарий от Wartrion

Just killed a cyclone warrior in silithus and it granted me 5 rep with the waterlords!

Комментарий от jakotako

I was on MC today and did 4k rep (6 people)make a reputation honored to exalted is going take 9 weeks

Комментарий от lissalindsey

After you hit Honored you no longer receive rep on Molten core from trash mobs. You can only get rep from the bosses. I have been doing Molten Core for the past 6 months or so every week and I am a little over 9k rep into Revered. If Molten Core does happen to disappear in Cata then I'm not sure how my rep will be finished.

Комментарий от Yoppen

The guild achievement Raid representation requires this rep.

Комментарий от kimihia

managed to solo a full clear last night had lots of trash respawn for bonus rep but got tired of killing them after my thorium rep was exalted. Think they may have up'd the rep but im also in a lvl 8 guild so i get tht lil extra rep

Комментарий от putrefied

burn his adds fast 1 by 1.

Комментарий от Kalendia

MC has been soloable for a while now...with new gear it's a joke. I can solo the bosses without even rushing in around 45 mins. these days.

Комментарий от karlww

The guild achievement Raid representation requires this rep.

Yep, that's definitely what it says on the 'Criteria of' tab.

Комментарий от codyx101

thats not entirely true , when rag throws you up in the air you take a lot of dmg % of hp, so if you are say a tank and cant do much dps you might die from getting thrown around before u dps him down, a pally in my guild recently had ssues kiling rag for that reason, he was getting hit for 50k or more from fall damage

Комментарий от Qoko

Although this is pure speculation, anyone whom still needs quite some runs through all bosses for Exalted and wants this rep, do the run every week from now on, preferably with as much rep buffs as possible. Even though there is no announcement of this being removed in any upcoming patch (>4.1), with Duke Hydraxxis gone, no more boss attunement item and no more significance of MC at all when the Firelands are released, this rep is completely obsolete and I wouldn't be surprised if they removed this rep.

Again, this is pure speculation; the rep is part of a permanent guild achievement and no single hint towards this has been given, but I'm going to be rather safe than sorry with eight or nine runs to go.

Комментарий от Caizer68

i can think of 1 class that cant solo MC...

Enh Shaman/Resto Shaman... they each have no AoE for those damn dogs that never die

Комментарий от MaximusAnderson

As an 85, you can run around those dogs to avoid having to drop them down all at once.

Комментарий от tigersclaw69

Since firelands is in a totally different area from molten core I don't think they'll remove it. You can fight nefarian in blackwing lair and blackwing descent still so there really isn't a need or reason to remove Molten Core.

Комментарий от KidMercury

Oddly, I was doing a quest in the Crystal Vale in Silithus, and upon killing my first elemental there, I gained Neutral with the Hydraxian Waterlords. You get 5-6 rep per elemental you kill. I just though this was strange, since the duke himself was gone.

Комментарий от Vlad

Огненные Недра farming yields:Rep | Amount at Revered (bosses only) | Revered->Exalted (number of "clears") 0% | 1050 | 20.005% | 1103 | 19.0410% | 1155 | 18.1815% | 1208 | 17.3920% | 1260 | 16.67It's gonna be a long ride folks, getting to Revered was just half way trough!

Комментарий от Ethador

Revered is not half way through since you have to do more clears from revered to exalted than neutral to revered ...

Комментарий от Xreaper

is there a quartermaster somewere or is the rep useless

Комментарий от ausintokyo

For those wondering, happy to confirm that rep for this faction is still possible in 4.2.

Комментарий от Bearlyhurtu

Ok, after Cata went live my quest log with the completed quest to turn into the Duke Hydraxis the Water elemental NPC in Azshara was gone! I had a completed quest no where to turn in. I spoke with gm and they said they would look into it. I logged in some time later and I had dear John letter in my mailbox from dev team. They would look into it and they gave some song and dance about addressing it in later content. Along with that the completed quest in my log was removed and I was SOL for the rep on that quest because they decided to let deathwing screw up Azeroth before I could get to turn in quest.

They to my knowledge never replaced Duke Hydraxis and the quest line is not reformatted like the other old content...Putting NPC(s) at the door or near the door and give all the quests and non-sense to you there. So, after you are revered there are no additional quests and you need to farm the bosses for about 2 dozen clears depending if you got the guild buffs on rep.

If you use your standard you get a touch more rep to so drop it before bosses die. Have a rotation for your group so you can alternate who drops it because of the cd.

Комментарий от psychicacid

Resto druids can still moonfire, insect swarm, mushroom, and hurricane - I see no problems...

Комментарий от Atratzu

So...Tired...Of...Soloing...This...Raid...(Kudos to the Vanilla people for doing this raid btw, It was fun to solo as a level 85 Hunter. After 20+ runs, I'm a little tired of it now)

Комментарий от poupis

After half a year of solo farming MC each week, I just finally hit 20999/21000 revered rep ='(

zZzZzZ Must wait for next week to get exalted zZzZzZ

Patience is a virtue :)

Комментарий от dieselh

do u guys know if now in patch 4.2 there is any quest still available to steal some repu fast

Комментарий от Centaurian

This is for a level 85 player with the buff Вы - звезда! and Боевой штандарт координации placed at each boss kill.

~ The first time in the Molten Core you may want to bring a friend that can dispel curses and speed things up a bit. It will take about 2 hours.~ You want to clear the whole raid up to the Majordomo Executus kill. The adds are brutal and you may need a healing potion for this fight.~ Don't forget to place the battle standard just before each boss dies by putting it in a hotbar.~ Exit the raid where you came in or hearthstone out, empty your bags and repair before flying back. Reset all instances, enter and kill all the trash. The bosses wont be there so it should go quickly.~ Rinse and repeat until you hit 11999/12000 Honored which will take X amount of times then go and take out Ragnaros in his chamber by talking to Majordomo. You will leave with 249/ 21000 rep.~ If it is Monday you can do the raid again tomorrow and knock off a week below. You can avoid the trash mob and just kill the bosses from now on since they give no rep..~ I solo it by doing Tol Barad (pvp) raid and entering the Molten Core before leaving the party. You avoid the need/greed screens that way.~ As the weeks go by keep an eye out for armor you may want to use for the Transmorgrification of your 85 gear.~ It will take 16 weeks to go from neutral to exalted and 2 more to peak the meter at 999/1000.

Note: If you are in a Firelands raid you could kill Ragnaros twice a week. That should be an achievement like "Black and Blue and Purple all over".

Комментарий от Berklar

Today I did a full MC clear including all trash, that rewarded me with 4105 reputation.That's with Mr. Popularity.

EDIT: That was at honored. When you're reverded only the bosses gives reputation.

Комментарий от Ralerogue

This rep is for Molten core

neutral-friendly (or honored)- from mob trashHonored-Revered- from bossesRevered-Exhalted- only from main boss Ragnaros

Комментарий от Vexryn

Handy trick for grinding Гидраксианские Повелители Вод reputation for the Гидраксианские Повелители Вод achievement in Огненные Недра:

If you stand at the entrance to the zone, you still receive reputation for all boss kills done by other members of your raid, regardless of your location in the zone! However, by remaining in one place, you can drop a Боевой штандарт координации, and stay within 100 yards of it. This allows you to actually get the 15% reputation bonus from the Боевой штандарт координации for every boss in Огненные Недра, especially since - without moving - the Боевой штандарт координации stays out for 15 minutes and has only a 10-minute cooldown, ensuring 100% uptime.

This appears to be a unique feature of using Боевой штандарт координации in Огненные Недра, where you get reputation credit for boss kills just by being anywhere in the zone, eliminating the requirement for you to be near the boss, which in turn eliminates the need to actually have the Боевой штандарт координации near boss, either.

Of course, it requires having at least one other player in the raid who can actually kill the bosses while you stand near your Боевой штандарт координации; nonetheless, a 15% bonus to all bosses can dramatically shorten the time to grind from Revered to Exalted if you've got a friend who can help!

Note that the reputation bonus from Боевой штандарт координации stacks with Вы - звезда!.

Комментарий от Netspook

I just boosted a friend through MC with my main. To max out my friend's rep gain, I cleared the whole instance. This run gave us appx 400 gold total, vendor trash and equips worth dozens of gold, and the following rep:

Friend: neutral at start, human: 4,609 repMe: revered, human, +5% from guild: 1,207 rep

Getting groups to do MC isn't easy, at least on Anachronos (EU, ally side). But if you're a high lvl, and able to solo this dungeon, maxing out rep shouldn't be a problem, it just takes several runs. A run doesn't take long when going for the bosses only, and the money isn't that bad either.


My friend is a skinner, and got 18x Core leather from this run, which gave him almost 3,500 rep with Thorium Brotherhood. Quite a few Fiery Cores and Lava Cores dropped too, useful for same purpose. Worth mentioning for those who needs that rep too.

Комментарий от aaronfowl

I would like to point out that MC no longer requires you to be in a raid group and if you are a well geared 85 it is not very hard to solo the entire thing if you know the fights.

Комментарий от crunchybran

Doing the rep runs for these guys, starting at friendly. Going in killing killing trash, not touching bosses, run out and reset instance. Repeat. Getting roughly 850-1591, rep per trip. Taking a few hours, but better than taking weeks. Btw, doing this with the mr. Popularity rank 1. Enjoy.

Комментарий от Nannur

Duoing this weekly as a disc priest together with a demo warlock. Only thing to keep in mind is when killing the dogs before Magmadar, the dogs have to die within 10 seconds of the first one dying, else they will get back up. A tip is to use the guild banners for some extra reputation!

Комментарий от WhiteLama

To increase your reputation gain a bit more (even if it isn't that much) you can easily use any of the Guild Vendor sold Battle Standards to get 5/10/15% more, which well, it's a bit more in the long run.

And with some kiting/good placement, you can easily get two bosses in the same Battle Standard CD instead of having to wait several minutes more (if you're like me and have gotten tired by this reputation this might be a good tip).

Lucifron+Magmadar for one Standard.Gehennas+Garr for the next Standard.Shazzrah+Geddon for the next Standard.Golemagg+Sulfuron for the next Standard.

And then one on Ragnaros seeing as Majordomo does not yield any reputation.

Комментарий от pancakelizard

I figured I would give real numbers since most posts do not. As a human with guild lvl 25 perks, I started Molten Core as Revered 809/21000. After a full clear, I was 2069/21000 meaning I earned 1260 a run, leaving 15.024 or 16 runs until I get Exalted.

So basically, once you hit revered, only expect 1260 rep if you're a human in a lvl 25 guild.

Oddly enough the dog boss and Majordomo do not give rep.

Комментарий от Damonra

Reputation for the Hydraxian Waterlords:

I'm a Human Warlock who's revered with them. The only rep for them I get in the Molten Core is for killing bosses. As a human with the Diplomacy racial, I get a 10% reputation bonus per kill. Add that to the level 12+ guild perk (Mr. Popularity - Rank 2) and the Battle Standard of Coordination, these are the reputation gains per boss.

Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Baron Geddon, Shazzrah, and Sulfuron Harbinger 138 rep points each

Golemagg the Incinerator 207 rep points

Majordomo Executus does NOT give rep points, but you need to defeat (not kill) him in order to unlock Ragnaros. He is unkillable, but his adds are. Once you have them down, Majordomo turns friendly and gives you a monologue to meet him in Ragnaros' lair.

Ragnaros gives 276 reputation points.

Killing all the bosses will give you 1,449 reputation points per run.

These rep points assume you have / use everthing in the first paragraph on every boss. The Battle Standard of Coordination has to be dropped for each boss to get the 15% added reputation points. There's a 10 minute cooldown between each drop. If you have the patients, you can wait by each boss (or set of bosses for the ones that are close enough together), until you can drop the banner to make full use of it.

Комментарий от Eclipsegirl

I just got exalted with this faction. It is a close to a half year grind.

First, when you decide you want to get this rep, unless you have a group of friends who will help you for half a year, you have to be good enough to solo this.

For me, a destruction lock, I was at an ilvl of 380 or so before I could solo all the bosses. Ragnaros was not hard for me. It was Majordomo Executus who was hard boss for me. There are tactics to other bosses as well.

To minimize the half year of the grind, after your first time through the raid and completing it, return and keep returning. The trash respawns and you get rep from killing trash until revered.If you do the raid on a Tuesday, after the reset (US Servers), you have all week to keep returning and killing trash until you hit revered. I do not know if it possible to go from neutral to revered in a week, but it does save some time.

After you hit revered, you can get 1050 rep per full clear. This is without any racial or guild perks.This means it it 20 weeks for you to get to 20,999 at revered.With racial and guild perks, I think this can be reduced to 16 weeks, still a long grind.

Once you are at 20,999 revered you only get rep for two bosses in the raid, Ragnaros who gives 200 and Golemagg the Incerator who gives 150.so to get to 999/1000 of exalted it may take up to three more weeks.

I was lucky enough to get to 20,999 in a raid before I was at Golemagg. So if I want to get to 999/1000 exalted, I only have to run this two more times.

My main complaint is that the gold has been removed. Until patch 5.0.4 - the pre MoP patch - you would get about 50G per boss, and so maybe 500 G per solo clear. Now you get 1 G and some silver for each boss except Ragnaros will give you 2 G and silver.I really can't imagine there where many people running this raid to build up gold. Now with the lack of gold, I believe it will be harder to get PUGs who want to do this raid.

Комментарий от Forkbeard

And for those wondering, with MoP gear (~485 iLvl), each boss dies in approximately 5-10 seconds. So the total clear time (bosses only) is now 15 min, from talking to Lothos to hearthing back after embarrassing Rags, no trash and assuming you know the joint (using whatever running boosts you have like Призрачный волк). Nearly all boss mechanics can be ignored (but if its your first time, just kill adds on Majordomo.) Good luck.

Комментарий от dwufi

When you don't kill Ragnaros trash respawns! It takes maybe half an hour, I clear the trash for 3-rd time for today. I'll take Ragnaros in tuesday, just before the restart and till then will do the trash few times a day. If you do the same this'll take you pretty fast to exalted. And by this way with Ragnaros always waiting you at the end of the raid you won't have to wait for the raid to restart with the new week, once you hit 20999 from the trash, just finish the raid with Raggy and here you are , exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords:)

Комментарий от Zved

For additional reputation gain, the weeks of Darkmoon Faire you can ride the carousel: it will give you a buff УУУУУХ! which gives 10% more reputation/exp gain for 1 hour (it will depends on how long you ride: increasing by 5 minutes, 60 minutes max.)

It is located between the cannonball and shooting gallery games, and for riding you need riding tickets which are sell by Кай Ти. She sells Книжечка билетов на карусель (price depends on your level), which contains 5 Билет на карусель ярмарки Новолуния. You can ride anytime you want, and 1 ticket will be consumed each time you ride without previously having the buff.

Комментарий от beardric

Guide for hitting exalted in the fewest number of weeks (16 weeks)..

The main idea here is that you can (1) get 10 11999/12000 honored in one week without killing the bosses and (2) kill multiple bosses with a single Bannerof Cooperation to save a significant amount of waiting each week.

(Apologies for the lack of links, but I just wanted to get this info written out. All the links are given in other comments).First week, grind trash but do not kill any bosses until you hit full honored. Trash will respawn in ~30 minutes if the bosses are still alive. Once you are 11999/12000 honored, follow the following strat each week.

How to maximize Guild Rep Banner without too much waiting: This strat will allow you to get the banner bonus for every boss, and only takes about 30-35 minutes.1) Run to Lucifron/Magmadars Lair. Pull Lucifron towards Magmadar's end. Drop banner and then AE all the corehound packs. Once all the Corehounds are down, finish off Lucifron. You need to wait until the Corehound packs disappear before pulling Magmadar, or she will re-ignite them.

2) You have some time to kill before you can drop the banner again. Use this time to clear a path from Gehennas, to Garr, and down the tunnel to where Baron Geddon and Shazzrah are. Be careful not to aggro the patroling Baron Geddon! Once you've cleared the path, run back to Gehenass. When the banner has ~90s left on the cooldown, pull Gehenas and Garr through the tunnel to Geddon/Shaz. Once there, slowly DPS the bosses, but wait until you can re-plant the banner before finishing them off. You can kill Gehennas, Garr, Geddon, and Shaz with a single banner.

3) Prepare the next group of bosses while waiting for the banner cooldown. Clear a path from the bridge behind Golemagg to Sulfuron Harbinger. When you have about 60s left on the banner cooldown, kill off the Flamewalker adds then kite Sulfuron back to the bridge. After you plant the banner,polish off Sulfuron, jump down from the bridge and kill Golemagg.

4) Majordomo Executus gives no rep (because you don't actually kill him). Kill off his adds, then run to Ragnaros' lair. There is a somewhat lengthy dialogue between Domo and Rag around 75s long. Hence, you can start the event with about 2m left on your banner. Slowly DPS Rag, making sure you plant the banner before killing him off!

Additional Note: The Darkmoon Faire now gives a 10% bonus to rep when you ride the carousel. Since DMF runs Sunday to Saturday. The week before DMF, save your lockout until Sunday or Monday. You can then get two clears with the 10% buff!

Together, the bosses give 1050 rep. With Mr Popularity (rank 2) and the Banner, you get 25% bonus rep (1312.5) on non-DMF weeks and 35% bonus rep (1417.5) on DMF weeks. Since you can do 2 DMF weeks then 2 non-DMF weeks, it averages to 1365 rep/week. (Approximating 4 weeks per month.) This gives 21000/1365 = 15.4 (ie 16) weeks to hit exalted! (17 to reach 999/1000 Exalted).

Комментарий от garfoonie

where are they?

Комментарий от Nobil4

I started to notice that every time i run Огненные Недра, i only receive the rep from killing bosses.Before you were able to get rep from the trash as well but not since 5.2

Комментарий от mcardle68

At least farming it for sellable pets makes it worth the rep grind......oh wait, everyone is doing that already!

At Item lvl of almost 500, it takes longer to walk to Raggy than kill all the bosses before Domo.

However it is the first 40 man raid, and was dam hard first time round, glad they have kept it as it was and not morphed it....

BRB - off to do my 60th solo clear!

Комментарий от Dust

Though it's been said many times in many ways, I'm going to chime in also and say... this is an unbelievable rep grind.

Комментарий от komard1

Hello all. My main is a Human Fury Warrior that's in a level 25 guild and has the Battle Standard of Coordination. That in mind I used the Battle Standard on every boss in Molten Core. I cleared all trash first then gathered the first 5 bosses dropped my flag then downed them.While I waited for the cd on the flag I cleared a bit of remaining trash. I then pulled the next 2 bosses and dropped the flag and killed them. At which point I killed Major Domo then headed to the final boss with about 6 min left on the flags cd.By the time I got to Ragnaros My flag still had 2 min left so I waited... then dropped the flag and downed him.In total I gained 1,449 rep points for the Hydraxian Waterlords from a single run. I just wanted to point this out since I saw a comment that stated 1155 was the best that could be done.Thanks, KomardEmerald KnightsAggramar

Комментарий от revrob

I am currently 8436/21000. Today, with the WoW 9 year anniversary buff, Pilgrim's Bounty buff, and Guild buff...

Lucifron-131repMagmadar-131repGehennas-131repGarr-131repShazzrah-130repBaron Geddon-131repSulfuron Harbinger-131repGolemagg-196repRagnaros-262rep

Crap place to grind for anything other than 2 pets you probably have looted a million times if you're on a mission to Exalted.

Grind on.

Комментарий от Malthmazar

Come to Silithus, and head northwest to the Crystal Vale area. Kill Hydraxian Waterlords for 5-6 xp points per kill. Just round around and you level in no time flat.

Комментарий от slgillespie

As of 6.0 Trash no longer gains Rep. Only each boss kill rewards rep gain.

Комментарий от kingsmarty

Rejoice: You will be able to get this rep from the upcoming 10th Anniversary Molten Core LFR at level 100.

Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14609681609#3

Комментарий от BriannahHunt

Absolutely ridiculous that something that means so little in the overall scheme of things requires so much of our time. Maybe my frustration is talking, but with the alteration of solo raid loot rules and the state of the economy regarding legacy materials this is an absolute let down. I wonder what the percentage is of players still interested in this content and why Blizz hasn't either made it more interesting or worthwhile to run - or simply remove it.

Комментарий от FatherOfLight

I didnt see any rewards or rep vendors for this faction. Am I missing something?

Комментарий от Ethna

How do I know that I am obsessive-compulsive? I am wasting my time grinding this rep at level 100.

Edit: As a human using a guild banner and following the directions given in beardric's post on this page, it took me 15 weeks to hit exalted and one more week to fill up the exalted bar.

Комментарий от Hydraphile

Another way to rep grind is to get to the bridge above Golemagg, and repeatedly kill his two Core Rager pets. They spawn about 3 times a minute, and crunching the numbers, it'll give you about 3000 rep every 20 min or so, if you hit them both before they run out of range. Killing the one on the right first seems to yield the most consistent results. Just be careful not to fall off the bridge. Still Honored at the moment, not sure if they give rep after.

Комментарий от Pharod42

Since 7.1, the lesser MC bosses continue to give rep into revered. I don't know what that does to the minimum-week calculations, but it's a neat buff.

Комментарий от swotam

If you are solo grinding this rep you can speed things up somewhat by not killing Ragnaros once you've cleared the instance. Doing this will cause the majority of the trash mobs to respawn after an hour (?) or so, and you can clear them again for ~2000 rep each time until you hit Revered. At level 95 my hunter can kill and loot all the trash in roughly 10 minutes. Once done, just logout and return in a hour, you'll be back at the start of the instance with respawned trash to kill again.

If you have the +10% rep Darkmoon Faire carousel buff this will persist through logouts, so if you grab it and then logout after each clear you should easily get 4-5 clears (~9600 - 12000 rep) before the buff wears off.

Комментарий от Malachi68

I've been halfheartedly attempting to reach exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords for the past few years and decided to re-run Molten Core this morning. I'm a level 110 warlock so the run is quick and easy - but I only get rep from bosses because I'm at revered.

However, I noticed that I didn't get nearly the amount of rep that I was expecting. I received a total of 440 rep (including the 10% bonus for humans) for the entire run. So I checked the General Chat history and saw that I received rep for only Garr, Baron Geddon and Ragnaros despite clearing everything.

I've come up with two possible explanations. The first is that I killed the bosses too quickly - although I did receive the on-screen notice that the boss was killed. The second is that my instance options, which were set to mythic, somehow caused a problem in this "normal" raid. The legacy raid size shows 10-player but the on-screen GUI shows 40.

So here's a plea to anyone else who is grinding Hydraxian rep. Write down your beginning and final rep plus the instance options and see if you experience something similar.

Комментарий от Snagrat

I dinged revered last week and here is the rep i received from one run of Molten core today, the last day of patch 7.2.5 (16/01/18). I had no rep increase buffs active.

Lucifron - 100Magmadar - 100Gehemas - 100Garr - 100Shazzrah - 100Baron Geddon - 100Sulfuron - 100Golemagg - 150Majordomo - 0Ragnaros - 200

So in total I recieved 1050 rep for a full clear. It requires 21,000 rep to get to exalted so at this rate i will need to do another 19 runs.

Комментарий от Tisamon

Word to the wise: During Revered, if you kill the boss too quickly then you will not receive the 100 reputation. I submitted a bug report on this but I am sure that it is low on their priorities. Just engage the boss and then wait like 5 seconds for it to really register and then kill them. You will save yourself a lot of time and headache.

Edit: Also make sure to dismiss your pets. If your pet one shots them then you get no reputation but still loot.


Гидраксианские Повелители Вод - Достижение


Комментарий от themrb

The Hydraxian Waterlords is the faction for reputation from the 40-man Azerothian raid Molten Core.

Комментарий от Junyed

Rassum frassum... stupid 10k rep :\

Комментарий от Firi

Takes +-6 months to get from revered to exalted, but it is possible.

Комментарий от moenbase

Just not to do it solo I suppose, like Timbermaw, Cenarion Circle, Argent Dawn, etc. etc.

Комментарий от azuretwilight

This will probably be the hardest reputation achievement to get since you only get rep in MC, you need someone with the essence already, and rep is not fun to get.

Neutral to the end of Friendly you can do repeatable quests that bring you from Azshara to EPL / Silithus (edit: linked the quests) and back again, as well as get 1-5 rep per nonelite elemental you kill in Silithus or Burning Steppes.

From Honored to the end of Honored, only the elemental bosses in UBRS/BRD, a rare spawn in silithus, and MC trash mobs give rep. This will take a while since you only get 15-40 rep per mob.

After Honored going into Revered, you only get rep from bosses. 100 each, 200 for Rag, and 150 for Golemagg. That's about ~205-208.5 boss kills from Revered to beginning Exalted, which is about 19 runs, and since MC resets only once a week, that's about 15-19 weeks for Revered to Exalted ALONE.

Now when you get to maxed Revered, the only bosses that can get you 0-999 Exalted are Rag and Golemagg, which means about 4-5 MORE runs just to max it out, which in turn means another 4-5 weeks.

There are a couple other quests than the repeatable one, though as far as I can tell they do not give HW rep, except for http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?quest=7486 which gives 500.

All in all you're looking at a good solid 24-30+ weeks MINIMUM to get from neutral-max exalted.

PLEASE NOTE:: this is the ONLY way to get rep as of 9/09/2008, and reputation numbers are from level 60, these could have gone down from 70 and 80, making the achievement even MORE difficult to achieve.

Комментарий от Djuntas

You will get 1050 for FULL run if im not mistaken :) 7 bosses that gives 100 rep and 1 boss that gives 150 and 1 boss that gives 200 rep.

Edit: After reverd thats it. See post above me

Its hard to grind if you didnt raid Pre-BC :)

Комментарий от YesIPlayWow

I did MC for the fist time a few days ago, we only skipped a few trash mobs. I went from neutral to about 60 rep into friendly. so about 3k rep in a full MC run give or take.

Комментарий от despyz

This will be one of the most difficult reputation achievements, a long with Brood of Nozdormu.

For starters, there are no quests besides the final one after turning in "Hands of the Enemy." The only other way of achieving reputation is killing any elemental mob, like the ones in Silithus, or running Molten Core.

At level 70, many mobs in Molten Core are still green. However, when you are 80, every mob in there (not bosses) will be gray. People have already stated the amount of runs and reputation to get through Revered, but from neutral-revered will be extremley hard as well. At 70, from one run, starting at 0 neutral, you would get roughly into 200/6000 Friendly. Now at 80, all mobs will be gray, giving a very low amount of reputation. Count on running MC multiple times just to get to Friendly.

I was lucky enough to do MC many times Pre-BC getting Exalted on one character, revered on 2, and honored on 3.

I won't be going for this achievement on my other characters, but for others it's worth thinking about if you really want to do this grind.

Комментарий от orionshock

If i remember correctly the trash in the raid will respawn even after the bosses have been killed. So one could go back after clearing the instance and do the trash nearly every day and get rep that way.

Комментарий от IpKonfig

With only 350 reputation points possible each week at level 70, it takes over a year to go from revered to exalted alone. At level 80, we're getting 1/5 of the rep. So the math looks something like this:

21000 Rep Needed / 350 Per Week = 60 Weeks = 1.15 Years from revered to exalted at level 70.

60 Weeks x 5 = 300 Weeks

300 Weeks / 52 Weeks In A Year = 5.76 Years from revered to exalted at level 80.

Комментарий от Morrowlol

Killing Molten Core bosses yield even less rep for level 80's running through. At level 60 and 70 Garr for example gave 100 rep, at level 80 he only gives 20, meaning the Revered > Exalted grind is now even longer

Edit: fixed in 3.0.8

Комментарий от Argias

Good news, brahs.

This impossibly impossible achievement is getting fixed.

SOURCE: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/12/7190890148-hydraxian-waterlords.html

Thanks for your query, which was passed along to our development team. This has been taken under consideration, and in a future patch creatures associated with the Hydraxian Waterlords will give full reputation irrespective of your character's level. :-)

Комментарий от SeanDamnit

As of patch 3.08, it will take 20 weeks from revered to exalted assuming you clear all bosses in MC every week. It will take an additional 3 weeks if you want to max out 999 exalted, since only Ragnaros and Golemag provide rep at that point.

I have a group of 5 or so acheivement $%^&*s that will be doing this every week, and it will take 1.5-2 hours or so each week.

Комментарий от Airwave

I would recommend doing MC every week if you want to get this achievement, because there's a good chance that this faction might be impossible to get reputation with in Cataclysm, especially considering Ragnaros is getting a new instance.

Комментарий от parlour

This achievment should reward a Tabard or a title.

Have soloed the entire instance 24 times now,getting close to exalted. It is without doubt the achievment that take the longest time to complete.

Would love a "Ragnaros" tabard or some sort of title <3

Комментарий от Zephinism

I found that by killing Elementals in Silithus gives me 5 reputation towards this faction. When this occured I was friendly with them, I highly doubt they are farmable until Exalted however...

Комментарий от one8seven

When cataclysm comes, this achiev will be a feats?

Комментарий от keeleeray

Killing Desert Rumbler (In Silithus) at level 56 gives you 5 reputation. Not sure how that works out for higher levels.

Комментарий от slair

Just completed a full clear of MC at 80 with my holy pally friend. (i was an arms warrior)

Anyways, the rep we received was 4510 from killing absolutely everything we saw.The ancient core hound patrols respawn fairly quickly making rep grinding til revered not all too painful, but still long.

Just wanted to update the total rep for those who aren't yet revered and to say it's worth it to farm trash if you can rather than elementals in silithus >.>

Комментарий от jaquis

Patch 4.01 update:

Was going to farm elementals in Silithus to complete this rep. after just finishing Zandalar. I'm honored and no longer receiving any rep from the elementals in Silithus. Bummer, but I chose my priorities as a troll hunter... it made sense to me. I guess MC is the only way to go now. If you are below honored please update info on rep gaining.

Комментарий от soydavid

Just went to Silithus to farm for the Yeti companion mats and getting rep at Friendly.

Комментарий от Tisina

Only the dust elementals in the north-west cornor of the map will give you rep.

Комментарий от Nocterius

I'm merely Friendly atm but the Desert Rumblers even further to the North-west in Crystal Vale, beyond the Dust Stormers are also giving me 5 rep.

Комментарий от cruadin

from revered to exaltedwith no rep bonuses 1050 rep per run which is 20 full clearswith Вы - звезда! 1102.5 rep per run which is 20 full clearswith

Комментарий от Veneluure

Clearing all the trash in Molten Core (and leaving bosses up) while grinding your reputation to revered, grants you roughly 2500 reputation per run. So grinding yourself from neutral to revered, takes 7-8 runs.

Комментарий от Kasdaye

For a reason unbeknown to me the reputation gain stopped at 20999/21000, it was only after I remade a raid group ( was soloing the instance before) that I was able to get exalted. So in order to save yourself some time and frustration. Please make sure you are in a raid group, just to get past the 21000 hurdle.

Комментарий от davey1971

It would make more adviseable if blizzard to make it much easyer for us players to get the rep. from this fraction rep more better to have or give us players more rep. points @ 25 each! im not happy that we pay 16$$ american dollars and work like a slave to gain rep. thats the oldest in the game of pre-b.c. this should have been updated to give us more point so we can finish the rep. and to add to this we also should get more quests for this fraction npc's makes a better sence to me! well for me im still at friendly and i have to grind for it , just makes me sick ! the honor system needs to be fixed now!

Комментарий от Shashos


The fact that you can pretty easily solo MC with just about any class now makes getting the Rep easier than ever. Combine that with the Rep Guild perks and the grind is not nearly as long as it used to be back when the rep truly mattered.

Been solo clearing trash/bosses for the last couple of weeks or so and got easily to Revered, got the right Windseeker Bindings, and lots of gold from drops.

Once you hit Revered, yeah, it feels sloowww, but honestly, run it once a week, then forget it and do the other stuff in-game that you'd be doing anyway. There is nothing -hard- about it. It's just your impatience at issue here.

Комментарий от Deadbeat85

At 85, this rep grind isn't anywhere near as painful as it used to be.

First step is to get to max friendly - you can get up to 5999/6000 friendly from the elementals in Silithus and Burning Steppes elementals. The best place for this is the North-West of Silithus killing Пустынный грохотун and Вихрь пыли for 5 rep each - 11 for two with +10% rep guild perk (Вы - звезда!, guild level 12). Running a loop around where the elementals spawn should allow you to kill all of them and get back to the start just about when they respawn. A couple of hours here can get you the 8999 rep you need - 1800 kills at base value, 1637 with 10% bonus. Ураганий spawns around here too, worth 25 rep at base value.

Once you're 5999/6000 friendly, head on over to Огненные Недра - you'll be here for a while. Trash mobs will give you between 15 and 20 rep per kill EXCEPT Древняя Гончая Недр. All sources seem to suggest these give 20 rep per kill, but not one since I started this rep grind has given up rep. A full clear will get you about 2400 rep, or about 2600 with the aforementioned perk. This means you'll need to do this at least 5 times to get from 5999/60000 friendly to 11999/12000 honored, when these mobs stop giving rep. For the sake of efficiency, avoid all bosses - you can kill every trash mob in the raid without pulling a boss, the only tricky part being Барон Геддон, who roams around a patrol route. Watch where he moves - you can actually stand in the middle of his loop, just North of Шаззрах, and have him roam around you without getting aggro. Pick off the groups around the room and drag them back to the centre to down them. Once you're moving on, stay on the right hand side while he moves up the narrow slope and move to the left when he passes and comes back the other way. Pull groups from one side to the other as you make your way up and dash past the narrowest part when he's on the way down.

As a ret paladin, I'm running a full trash clear in a little over half an hour (ilvl 359). Giving time for faffing, it should take you about 3 hours to make your way through Honored. On your final run, once you hit 11999/12000 honored, you can head back to the start and down the bosses - only they will give you rep now, and you can kill each one once per week. Killing all 9 bosses in Molten Core will get you 1050 rep, or 1155 with Вы - звезда!, meaning it'll take 21 weeks at base level or 19 weeks with the perk. Annoyingly, The final trash mob will leave you at 11999/12000 honored, so clearing all bosses 20 times (20 weeks) should leave you at exactly 20999/21000 revered. I'm not sure if you need to kill Големагг Испепелитель or Рагнарос for that final point or if the regular bosses are enough to hit Exalted.

After that, it's another 3 weeks killing those two to get the pointless but pretty 999/1000 Exalted status. Congratulations!

Комментарий от budrunner

Dont know what this person was talking about because they definitely havent gotten 2 revered or exalted yet. Once you hit revered, as stated in previous posts, you only get rep from the bosses. So thinking it will only take 7-8 runs is someone who doesnt know what they are talking about. Im at 18k revered now, and been getting 110/boss, with 165 on golg and 220 on rag due 2 guild rep bonus. Also important 2 note for those serious grinders out there, dropping your banner of cooperation (or something similar) did give me even more of a boost 2 rep. Maybe that was a glitch, maybe not. going 2 try 2 do that again this coming week.

Комментарий от davey1971

thank you for sharing and being nice , not like others whom dont share a good idea. hmm i mean civil. but thanks .

Комментарий от thorns

I notice if clear trash while in que and don't kill the boss when you go back after you do the run . the adds all come back ,i do this when i get my valor points for the week.

Комментарий от Vexryn

Handy trick for grinding Гидраксианские Повелители Вод reputation for the Гидраксианские Повелители Вод achievement in Огненные Недра:

If you stand at the entrance to the zone, you still receive reputation for all boss kills done by other members of your raid, regardless of your location in the zone! However, by remaining in one place, you can drop a Боевой штандарт координации, and stay within 100 yards of it. This allows you to actually get the 15% reputation bonus from the Боевой штандарт координации for every boss in Огненные Недра, especially since - without moving - the Боевой штандарт координации stays out for 15 minutes and has only a 10-minute cooldown, ensuring 100% uptime.

This appears to be a unique feature of using Боевой штандарт координации in Огненные Недра, where you get reputation credit for boss kills just by being anywhere in the zone, eliminating the requirement for you to be near the boss, which in turn eliminates the need to actually have the Боевой штандарт координации near boss, either.

Of course, it requires having at least one other player in the raid who can actually kill the bosses while you stand near your Боевой штандарт координации; nonetheless, a 15% bonus to all bosses can dramatically shorten the time to grind, especially the brutal rep-from-bosses-only part from Revered to Exalted... if you've got a friend who can help!

Note that the reputation bonus from Боевой штандарт координации stacks with Вы - звезда!.

Комментарий от crazeheals

I started grinding this faction way back in December and stopped at 12.000/21.000 to exalted. Right now I'm at 16.300 and believe me it's a borefest. If you're a priest like me get yourself a friend (rogue/melee in general) because of the possible drop binds (only saw Garr's in like 20 runs), still no eye from Raggy as well.

Just try to not fall to the boredom like I said and eventually once you hit exalted you will forever leave this place alone.

Quick edit: remember to always kill the Molten Destroyers (4 of them are guaranteed to spawn at Garr and 2-4 in the vicinity) they drop blood of the mountain which sells for 500-1000 gold a piece (needed for the Sulfuron hammer). You can soft reset the raid (logging out 30 mins or more) to have these guys respawn which will make the transition from neutral to revered faster.

Комментарий от Buhh

I am Troll Mage in Ice Spec for MC. full run gave me 1328 rep at revered and in a level 25 guildTrying to maximize rep gains I decided to use Боевой штандарт координации on every boss (excluding Executus as he yields no rep).It mean killing more trash than usual and killing it to clear between bosses prior to killing bosses.I went to Люцифрон and Магмадар. Killed three packs of Гончая Недр between them using . DPS'd Люцифрон to 20%, dropped the Боевой штандарт координации and killed them both(127+126 rep).Went to Гееннас and cleared trash from there to Гарр. Then I killed them both.(127+126 rep)Went to Барон Геддон and cleared out the trash to Шаззрах carefully without pulling Барон Геддон. I had a few minutes wait time here for the Standard CD. Engaged Барон Геддон and dropped standard at 10% before killing him. Then proceeded to kill Шаззрах.(127+126 rep)I went to Предвестник Сульфурон and cleared all trash from there to Големагг Испепелитель. Then I went back to Предвестник Сульфурон. I started by killing the healers and then kited it close to Големагг Испепелитель. At 10% I dropped the standard, killed Предвестник Сульфурон, turned around and killed Големагг Испепелитель.(127+189 rep)Then proceeded to Мажордом Экзекутус - normal fight, no standard as you don't kill the boss(killing all the adds only). Then I went to Рагнарос started the intro, and just before the fight started dropped the standard, popped everything to get it over fast (he died before my TW was over)(253 rep)So to sum up, I only had to wait before Барон Геддон for the standard, however I got to kill more trash than I usually do.

For mages:I recommend Frost spec here because the Элементаль воды is very handy for keeping the boss occupied while I kill adds(Lucifron and Gehennas), or the other way around (Garr, Golemagg and Executus). For the latter, throwing Freeze (Pet "frost nova") on the adds helps maintain agro on them. On Executus, I try to make it agro as many as possible, to only have to deal with one add at a time - requires a lot of targeting. Put it to passive when he gets teleported to the center before reenganging.Using Invisibility carefully (use, wait 1-2 seconds, then shoot Ice Lance before the fight disengages) can also help put the agro back to the WEI use Mirror Images on Garr and Executus to make those fights a lot easier.On Ragnaros, I stand near the "second" rock formation to get avoid getting thrown

Комментарий от Eralson

Superior to, yet inexplicably less popular than, the Orean waterlords.

Комментарий от pancakelizard

At 90, nothing really aggros anymore. On occasion a core hound. You can do a clear with focus on the bosses in under 30 minutes (90/spriest).

Комментарий от JaggySnake

At level 90 in a level 25 guild it has taken me 23 full runs to get to exalted. In that time, I've seen 2 bindings off of Garr and 1 eye off of Ragnaros.

Комментарий от kingsmarty

Rejoice: You will be able to get this rep from the upcoming 10th Anniversary Molten Core LFR at level 100.

Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14609681609#3

Комментарий от Brunnhilde

I just wanted to put this comment right at the top since nothing has been said about this problem in a while and it will save some scrolling.

After the grinding of this rep, I found myself stuck at 20999/21000. Thinking things were bugged, I came here to see if there were any known bugs about this. There is no actual bug as such.

Even though you DON'T need to be in a Raid Group to enter this raid, you DO need to be in a Raid Group in order to get over that hurdle of 1 point.

Hope this helps :)

Комментарий от Shaani

I had same problem as Brunnhilde. Today I earn exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords but i get rep only by killing 2 bosses: Golemagg the Incinerator and Ragnaros.

Комментарий от Wuatdah

I don't know why, but I foresee this achievement becoming a Legacy or Feat of Strength achievement some day.

Комментарий от Longfeng

Proud owner of this achievement since 05/08/2015.

That was a long ride :S

Комментарий от Hawkeye5723

Ok, at 110 7.1.5 this is the breakdown.. & it SUCKS..

I am listing this as if starting at rock bottom neutral..

3000 0/3000 friendly6000 0/6000 honoured12,000 0/12,000 revered21,000 0/21,000 exhalted999 0/999 cap

This means from Zero to Hero is 42,999 total..

After 5 runs I can confirm these figures for a single complete clear..2440 from trash2050 from bosses3490 total

Rep from trash will stop at 11,999 revered

This means that Mr No-Rep can gain:20,999 from trash2050 from bossesresulting in 1049/21000 revered total in 1 day

All fairly good... So far!

From now on rep is available ONLY from bosses..

This means:1049/20,9991050 x 19 WEEKS

Then it gets worse! Rep is only available from the last 2 bosses to get to 21,000 onwards..

This means:0/999350 total from final 2 boss x 3 WEEKS

So, this means Mr No-Rep can go from 0 neutral to 1049 revered (22,050) in 1 DAYbut to finish 1049 revered to 999 exhalted (20,949) takes a further 22 WEEKS, nearly 6 MONTHS!

How frikkin stooopid is that, that is painful now for lvl110 Mr No-Rep doing it on his own.. It was worse back in the day when it took us 40 people!

That is why I had stopped years ago at 349/12,000 until I started again.. & remembered why I had given this rep up for 10 years..


- WoW ()


50-51 A O 5
62 A O 20
63 A O 40
62 A O 20
- 62 A O 20
- 60 A O 20
- 62 A O 20
61-62 A O 20
61-62 A O 20
61-62 A O 20
61-62 A O 20
61-62 A O 15
62 A O 20
62 A O 20
54-55 A O 5
54-55 A O 5
54-55 A O 5
54-55 A O 5
54-55 A O 5
boss tag ?? A O 115
boss tag ?? A O 100
boss tag ?? A O 100
61-62 A O 20
boss tag ?? A O 100
60 A O 10
62-63 A O 20
61-62 A O 15
boss tag ?? A O 100
- 62 A O 20
boss tag ?? A O 100
boss tag ?? A O 100
60 A O 20
55 A O 25
86 A O 10

Вихрь пыли - НИП - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от ggoodwin81

These mobs mainly throw nature damage at you in the form of a bolt, a shield similar to a shaman's sheild and a storm cloud.As a result they are immune to nature damage.So as a shaman my shield and nature spells are worthless.They do take normal damage from frost and fire spells though.

When they throw their storm cloud down just move away from it and it will not affect you.

Very good farming mob, they are spread out so no worries invloving aggro. They don't drop any coin and often you will get absolutly nothing. But you will make some decent gold off of the items that do drop.

Комментарий от Brazzi

Good mobs too farm onthey drop essence of witch sell alot on AH but somtimes these guys are over farmed

Комментарий от biohazrd

Note that WoWHead doesn't know how to record a drop of "nothing". I would say about 50% of the drops of these mobs are nothing, meaning that their chance to drop Essence of Air is significantly lower than that listed.

Комментарий от rayven

I agree, did 2 rounds around the place when farming for breath of winds, and walked out with 18 essences and only 2 breath of winds, kinda annoying to see green items drop that much against common ones :S

Комментарий от entropicdragon

Kills of these will reward 1 Hydraxian Waterlord reputation at level 70 (5 rep if they are not grey to you.)

They also have a Lightning Shield which does around 110 damage (3 charges, 50% chance) which can be Spellstolen by a mage (though they're immune to it)

Комментарий от stornhar

good to grind on for money for epic mount, good breath of wind drop ratemy drops in 1 hour in the area21 core of earth, 10 breaths of wind9 essence of air and 29 essence of earth22 elemental air4 elemental earthon exodar realm that is a good 278 gold an hour which is good for a level 58 warrior (my main is thibarn)cant wait for epic mount :D

Комментарий от rockblink

In one hour of farming these mobs i recieved 1 Green armor item9 Breath of wind72 Core of Elementals39 Essence of Air8 Elemental Air

Lvl 70 arcane mage 1098 +spelldmg

Комментарий от WolfShadowclaw

About 45 minutes of farming got me:

4 breath of wind29 essence of air5 elemental air6 essence of earth4 core of earth

and about 55 core of elements. Useless as they are.

This was done by my 66 sub rogue, one shot most of the mobs.current as of 9-6-08

Комментарий от cindysilver4

In two hours of farming these guys on my 70 paladin today, I received:

68 Core of Elements37 Essence of Air11 Breath of Wind6 Elemental Air2 Green Armors1 Aquamarine1 Thorium Lockbox.

Since I was farming for Elemental airs, this wasn't great, but better than anywhere else I've found. Stupid Mechanical Yeti....

Hope this helps someone!

Комментарий от TheLegendaryNick

As of 3.0.3 here is what I managed to farm from Dust Stormers in one hour as a level 64 Feral Druid

Essence of Air x 30Breath of Air x 6Core of Elements x 69Elemental Air x 5Green BoE x 3Plans: Radiant Gloves x 1

Комментарий от wonderboyjon

These mobs also provide you with 5 Hydraxian Waterlord reputation per kill whatever level you are as of 3.0.8

Комментарий от Airam

Rep gain stops once you reach honored.

Edit: Into Honored, there's an elite that will randomly spawn named Huricanian. He will give 25 hydraxian waterlord rep while being honored.

Комментарий от sporkinyoureye

30 mins of farming =27 Essence of Air54 Core of Elements6 Breath of Wind7 Elemental Airand 2 greens(: i feel lucky reading your guyses comments

Комментарий от trollsrlanky

Desert Storm?

Комментарий от trollsrlanky

There's also two other types of mobs shich spawn around these, called Desert Ragers / Desert Rumblers.

Put the two names together....Desert RubmblerDust Stormer

Do we have a possible reference to the Gulf War (Desert Storm)?

Комментарий от mallor

The droprate on essence on these is beyond disastrous. Killed 25+ of those, got nada, gave up and went to farm them on AH. The drop is nowhere near the listed 23%

Комментарий от Dyler

5 mins of farming10 essence of airFinally i can get the agi 15+ enchant without paying 500 gold for 1 essence of air... My server's price.

Комментарий от Shinuu

Went to farm these for essence of air, killed 100 and recieved the following

6 essence of air

3 breath of air

9 elemental air

Комментарий от Ellarnia

drop rates on wowhead are not quite accurateI got:10 breath of wind15 essence of air24 elemental air

Комментарий от Ozrek

Essence of air is dropping off these pretty regularly. I've killed about 30 so far and I've gotten 4. If you farming them off world mobs, these guys are where to get it. They also give 5 rep with the Hydraxian Waterlords AND drop Inert Elemental Shard (gray item) which vendors for 6 gold a stack. Not a bad way to spend some time farming off mobs!

Комментарий от Blaix

i farmed for less than 30 minutes, probably killed eightyish, and got 6. as soon as i said anything good about it i stopped getting them, lol.

Комментарий от BBB545

Went to farm these in the northeast corner of Silithus for essence of air to make 15 agi enchant, I killed 114 the items that drop were the following:

9 essence of air

6 breath of air

8 elemental air

(not sure but the drop rate on northeast-side of the mountain 37,17 seems higher then the drop rate on southwest-side of the mountain 29,26)

Комментарий от Mekelan

200 kills yielded:

12 Breath of Wind (6%)18 Elemental Air (9%)9 Essence of Air (4,5%)

which almost exactly matches the droprates listed here. So nothing to see here, I guess :)

Комментарий от Phototropic

Here's a summary of my farming experience:

The aim was to get 20 Essence of Air in order to do 4x 1hand agility and 1x 2hand agility weapon enchants for 2 rogues and a feral druid.

I farmed for approximately 56 minutes with a maximum of 15 minutes (being very generous) down-time through flying around the mountain in the middle of the area searching for mobs and, accordingly to my chat-log, my loot intervals were 7 seconds on average.

(56 minutes farming - 15 minutes downtime) ÷ 1 loot per 7 seconds = ~352 mobs destroyed

I looted:

  • 20x Essence of Air
  • 170x Inert Elemental Shards
  • 22x Breath of Winds
  • 27x Elemental Air
  • 3x Green Items
  • 66x Inert Elemental Pieces
  • 7x Grey items

What helped:

  • Being a high level (one-shot mobs)
  • 310% flying speed + Crusader Aura
  • I was the only one farming them
  • Perhaps a bit of luck?

Good luck in your farming :)

Комментарий от whit4446

these seem to have had there essence of air drop rate significantly reduced post cata. just cleared both sides of mountain and only got 2.

pre cata i remember farming these guys and coming out with about 40 in a 30 mins worth of work

Комментарий от spottedtauren

After 10 minutes of 1 shotting Dust Stormers I ended up with only 1 essence of air (a rate of only 6/hour).Here is short list of all the loot that dropped that was not junk.1 Essence of Air5 Elemental Air6 Breath of Wind

Комментарий от carp

After 10 minutes of 1 shotting Dust Stormers I ended up with only 1 essence of air (a rate of only 6/hour).

With a longer experiment, I had nearly identical results on the number of Essence of Air dropped per hour.

Today 6-8am, nearly two hours of killing these guys rapidly. There are two areas, on either side of the area with the rock elementals. To the east seemed to be where I found most of the essence of air (at least two thirds).

There was a post two weeks ago outlining what someone else received farming these. My results were much worse I would say, and it seems true that the drop rate has decreased, perhaps since 4.1 went live.

However, two of my guildies went earlier (separately) and report obtaining ~6 essence of air each in 10-20 minutes of farming, which is why I went.

My results:11 Essence of Air (worth 300-400g each on my realm)48 Elemental Air (worthless)20 Breath of Wind (worthless)173 Inert Elemental Shard (worthless)71 Inert Elemental Piece (worthless)10g worth of vendorable grey armor/weapons3 greens that DE'd to 11 Dream Dust (worthless)Recipe: Greater Stoneshielf Potion (worth 100-200g on my realm for some reason) (lazy over-achievers and completists?) (this was a pleasant surprise)

3.5k-4.5k gold value for 2 hours and I estimate that I killed 400-500 Dust Stormers. That's a 2-3% drop rate for the Essence of Air.

I think I'll just buy Essence of Air on ah from now on when I need it, or from luckier farmers than myself. This may still be a worthwhile farming spot to some people. The Essence of Air prices continue to increase, probably because of the lower drop rate and continued demand for them.

I've read elsewhere that the periodic Elemental Invasion which increased the number of elementals in Silithis and therefore coincidentally increased the number of Essence of Airs on the market has had a similar reduction in drop-rate. HTH

Комментарий от siggboy

I can not confirm the bad drop rates for Essence of Air that are reported above for patch 4.1.

Just yesterday I have farmed the Dust Stormers for a while, and the drop rates I got were not much different from those before 4.1 went live.

Of course my results are just as anecdotal (I might have been very luck were others were unlucky), but I think it's rather safe to assume that nothing has been changed with patch 4.1 regarding the drop rate of Essence of Air.

Happy Farming!

Комментарий от Angxia

In less that 45mins i killed 169 of these and the end result was 6 essence of airs. So not too low drop rate or then again i might have been lucky.

Комментарий от catsmeow

I farmed exactly 100 dust stormers, going back and forth from the two areas. This is what I got:

2 Essence of Air8 Elemental Air7 Breath of Wind

Remainder was Inert trash and two grey items.

The two Essence of Air were from the NorthEastern area, but the other two were pretty evenly distributed between the two areas. This turns out to be a 2% drop for the Essence, 8% for the Elemental Air and 7% for the Breath of Wind. A little low for the Essence compared to others results, but I'm sure the results vary from time to time. Still a low drop rate.

This was on Queldorai server with a lvl 61 hunter.

Комментарий от Querky

I farmed these for 20 mins late one evening & got 9 Essence of airs as well as 10+ breath of wind & 10+ elemental airs. I sent a guildie here to farm for me 2 weeks ago, also late-ish in the evening (we did a deal 'cos she needed some cash) thinking it would be an hour or two of work for her, she was back with 8 in under 30 mins! I did another late evening run 2 days ago & got 8 essences of air in the first 12 mins.

This morning (Sunday am), I've been at it for 30 mins, killed 140 of the things & only got 3 Essences, 4 breaths & 2 elemental airs. Is it evenly remotely possible there is a time of day element to the drop ratemaybe? Anyone fancy testing the theory? lol

Комментарий от xJonas

I'm farming them right now, the drop rate seems to have raised very much, killed about 10+ and got 4 essence of air.

Комментарий от Kyrma

I farmed these guys for the Breath of Wind to level up Leatherworking. Either I was fairly lucky or the drop rates have changed because before Cataclysm I was out here for Essence of Air it took a couple of hours just to farm up 8. However this time after roughly 30 minutes, killing all 45 in the circuit 4x's (180 kills) this is what I ended up with:

* 12 ~ Essence of Air* 16 ~ Breath of Wind* 21 ~ Elemental Air

Plus 34g from the junk elemental shards and pieces that drop off these mobs.

Also I was on my mining character and ended up with 106 Thorium Ore, 6 Truesilver Ore, 3 Arcane Crystals, 2 Star Rubys, 2 Huge Emerald and 1 Large Opal. All sell well on my server. :)

Комментарий от Curycoo

I'm 2 enemies into farming these for the Airs, and i have to say, wow. I got 2 Essences of air in 2 drops. TY RNG! :D

Комментарий от Banishment

Farmed these for an hour. Happy with the results.

Within an hour I got:17 Essence of Air (270g ea)26 Elemental Air (5g ea)17 Breath of Wind (15g ea)Total: 4,975g

Although I'm turning those essences into enchants for even more gold. If your auction house prices are similar and you don't mind killing the same mob over and over for an hour, I'd highly recommend this. Unless of course you have better ways of making money. 5k an hour sounds really good to me though.

I also killed Twilight mobs while waiting for the stormers to respond and got 40 texts to turn in. (I saw the prophet spawn twice in the same hour.) 5 stacks of runecloth. I disenchanted any greens too.

Комментарий от Tony23

I never gets any essence of air :(

Комментарий от seahen

While farming these, and using Чарокрад to pull them, I noticed the stolen Щит молний was one- and two-shotting them (even though the tooltip only said 112 damage, which I've ticketed as a bug). This saved a step, but it meant I sometimes had to run or blink over to loot them.

Комментарий от PutArr

Was farming these elementals for about 45 mins and got the next items :

100 x Угасший осколок элементаля ( 6G/stack )37 x Угасшая часть духа стихии ( 1G/stack )22 x Первородный воздух12 x Дыхание ветра8 x Субстанция Воздуха1 x Меч Ханзо

When looting the Dust Stormer it drops 1 Угасший осколок элементаля or Угасшая часть духа стихии or Первородный воздух or Дыхание ветра or Субстанция Воздуха. It doesn't drop more then one elemental item. It is possible though that it can drop a weapon/armor and an elemental item.

If you start to the right of "The crystal vale" and killed all elementals, go to the elementals beneath it. When you have killed all emementals there go back to the place you have started, they respawn pretty quick.

Hope this helps.

Комментарий от 2picnic

I was after these mobs for their drop rate of Essence of Air in order to farm it for "Enchant Weapon - Agility". This enchant adds 15 agility to a 1 handed weapon and needs 4 essences. What makes Essence of Air more desirable is that there were only 2 on auction house when I checked, both of which were 200g just for one, and the 15 agility can be put on heirlooms or low level items, both of which would be a large boost to a low level character.

I can confirm as of 08/03/2012, the drop rate is still very high from Dust Stormers. Circling the Crystal Vale around 4 times I got the 8 essences I needed after killing 131 of them. I also got about 15-20g in vendor trash, 10 Breath of Winds and 7 Elemental Air. Didn't find the rare spawn though. You might consider farming these just to sell them, as on a few servers there is an inconsistent supply of elemental goods and people usually end up farming their own, usually because they need them for skill-ups or very profitable enchants.

Комментарий от dlbert2000

While farming 6 Breath of Wind for Phantom Blade I recieved

Total Kills: 15289x Inert Elemental Fragment (58.5% drop)36x Inert Elemental Piece (23.6% drop)13x Elemental Air (8.5% drop)8x Essence of Air (5.2% drop)6x Breath of Wind (3.9% drop)

All in all its a nice little grind, theres more than enough mob spawns to continuously kill them until you have what you need, and you can easily sell the Airs/Winds that you dont need for quite a bit on the AH

Комментарий от gen3ric

These guys are now extremely annoying.

1200 kills.

3 essence of air61 elemental air70 breath of airhuge stupid piles of inert elemental shard and inert elemental piece

Pretty much every single kill drops one of the grays. Fairly quick spawn rate and don't need to wait too long for respawns but the drop rate for essences is dismal.

Комментарий от wcjokertwo

If you are like me, you had the same thing in mind. Monks. Must get agility enchant. But to dang expensive. Do NOT be dismayed by the drop chance. It took me 30 mins (with a bio break in between) and about 127 kills (based on other drops) to get 8 essences. Just kill one side of the rock, go to the other and come back; It is a VERY fast respawn timer. Have fun farming :).~Piotyric-Uther

Комментарий от Wurmin

I also farmed this mobs for that 15+ agility enchant for my 2x loom maces, so I required 8x essence of airs. After 178 dust stormer kills I got all my 8 essences, also got 110x Угасший осколок элементаля, 38x Угасшая часть духа стихии, 13x Первородный воздух and 2 blue BoE's. Took about 20-30 mins.

Комментарий от subby

Farmed this mob for 30 minutes, here is an idea of what you'll get post 6.2 WOD patch

Mob farmed Вихрь пыли I killed roughly 70 in about 30 minutes in Silithus, north by northwest, in other words the top left corner.

11 x Первородная вода7 x Субстанция Воды5 x Субстанция Воздуха7 x Дыхание ветра8 x Первородный воздух

Комментарий от ghettobaboon

Was farming these guys for Breath of Wind and after 48 kills I had Glorious Legplates drop.

Комментарий от covar

took me around 150 kills to get 8

Комментарий от Esandarius

Figured I add my drop rates. Was after 3 breaths of wind. I killed 42 mobs so not a terribly high sample size. Still...

Breath of Wind: 3/42 = 7%Elemental Air: 7/42 = 16.67%Essence of Air: 4/42 = 9.5%

Комментарий от Ahnungslos

As of 2018 this no longer seems to be the place for farming elemental air...after 60 min killing elementals I can report a 100% droprate for Блуждающая сущность


Повелители-элементали. Чистота воды. - MMOBoom

14:48 26.05.2012Повелители-элементали. Чистота воды. И снова здравствуйте!Перед Вами очередная статья из серии Великие Элементали Азерота. И в ней я затрону историю Главного Водяного Элементаля.

Нептулон Владыка Приливов

Возвышающая из воды массивная фигура гуманоида жидка сама посебе. Формы все время меняются, но основа прорисовывается всегда —колоссальный гигант, с циркулирующим сине-зеленым телом, котороекружится в пределах его фигуры. Только глаза, пара пылающих желтыхпятен в этой аморфной голове остаются всегда стабильно постоянными.

Нептулон Владыка Приливов — правитель вод, морей, озер, океанов и рек. Ему подчиняются все водные элементали и существа, которые считают воду или лед своей стихией. Некоторые полагают, что когда разумное существо тонет, его душа проходит через царство Нептулона по пути к конечной цели. Он, возможно, держит эти души, которые говорят с ним или развлекают его, но Водяной Элементаль только смеется над такими предположениями.Нептулон предпочитает играть со своей добычей, затянув ее под воду, а потом дать ей попытку убежать. Иногда он оставляет несчастную жертву на некотором одиноком острове и мучит ее приливными волнами и водоворотами. Он всегда пытается рассмотреть тех, кто не может выжить долго под водой, именно они будут атакованы первыми, другими противниками Нептулон занимается позже.Нептулон Владыка Приливов является самой душой глубокого океана, где он властвует безраздельно. Те, кто путешествует среди волн, рискуют встретиться с гневом Нептулона, если они обратят на себя его внимание. Вход в его область влияния без разрешения интерпретируется как вызов, таким образом, он может сделать с Вами все, что захочет. Он упивается, нанося урон тем, кто чувствует себя неуязвимым, постоянно атакую волнами скалистые берега Теразан и, гася огонь Повелителя пламени всякий раз, как предоставляется подобный шанс.

Древние Боги и Титаны

Вот представьте себе следующую картину.Старый Азерот, где правители мира — Древние Боги. Мир хаоса и разрушения. В любом месте, где только возможно, бесчинствуют элементали. И как бы вы себе не представляли все эти кошмары, обязательно помножьте их на 100. Как ни крути, а картина неприятная. Точно также подумали и Титаны, когда обнаружили "живую" планету. Что было дальше, вы, скорее всего, знаете. Но всё же...До нас дошло слишком мало информации об участии в войне Нептулона. Но так как по силе он не уступает Повелителю пламени, то логично предположить, что Владыка Приливов вместе с Рагнаросом сражался с Титанами на передовой.И, несмотря на то, что силы элементалей располагались за пределами человеческого понимания, их объединенные силы не смогли остановить могучих Титанов. Повелители-элементали пали, а силы их рассеялись. Пантеон не смог уничтожить Древних Богов и упрятал их глубоко под поверхностью мира. Без власти хозяев, элементали были сосланы в Пространство Элементалей, где они будут бороться друг с другом вечно. С уходом элементалей природа успокоилась, вокруг воцарилась гармония.По неизвестной причине Нептулон вступил в конфликт с Древними Богами, которым подчинялся до изгнания. Возможно, заточение в Бездонной пучине (царство Нептулона в Пространстве Элементалей, нынче находится в Вайшире) принесло ему разочарование во всемогуществе хозяев, либо Нептулон посчитал, что служение кому бы то ни было вообще — унизительно для него. Мог сказаться и факт смертельной вражды с фанатично преданным Древним Богам Рагнаросом. Тем более что в будущем Азерота по версии Рагнароса места для Нептулона ну никак не находилось. Так мы получили поддержку Гидраксианских повелителей вод, без вмешательства которых охранные руны в Огненных Недрах было бы невозможно уничтожить.

Возвращение Нептулона. Падение Гурубаши

Нептулон не очень то и хотел находиться в Пространстве Элементалей с себе подобными. Он смог вернуться в Азерот ещё до прихода Смертокрыла, разрушившего грань между двумя мирами.Один из троллей Гурубаши однажды нашёл Камень Приливов — артефакт, дающий власть над водами. Обладатель Камня носил титул Владыка Приливов и постепенно утрачивал материальность, пока не уходил в море вместе с Камнем, становясь его частью. Камень Приливов же впоследствии вновь выносило на берег, где его находил следующий Владыка Приливов. Данный ритуал, похоже, был частью плана Нептулона по возвращению в мир — душа ушедшего в море тролля становилась жертвоприношением Повелителю-элементалю, каким-то образом, открывавшим ему путь в Азерот. После некоторого количества поглощённых "Владык Приливов" истинный Владыка смог вернуться — и тут же "отблагодарить" Гурубаши грандиозным катаклизмом, описанным в Третье предание троллей, которое можно прочитать в игре. Маяк для возвращения, Камень Приливов, был предусмотрительно спрятан Нептулоном непосредственно перед изгнанием. И он лежал в морских глубинах, пока не прошло достаточно времени для того, чтобы считать Титанов ушедшими из Азерота или вовсе о нём забывшими. Не исключено, что Камень Приливов — часть самого Нептулона либо наделён частью его сознания. Так или иначе, артефакт продолжил переходить из рук в руки и после возвращения Нептулона. Последний его владелец — гоблин Газбан. Впоследствии Камень был доставлен барону Ревилгазу и затерялся. Получается, что Нептулон не планировал поглощать Камень Приливов, а это значит, что его сущности в артефакте никогда и не было. Это — ловушка для душ, манящая могуществом, и её предназначение — непрерывно обеспечивать Нептулона жертвоприношениями, увеличивающими его силу.

А тем, кто хочет узнать полную историю, я советую обратиться к литературе Варкрафта. Две книги посвящены этой теме: "Камень приливов" и "Падение Гурубаши".


То, что происходит с Нептулоном в Катаклизме знают все, кто выполнил почти все квесты в Вайшире. И не просто их выполнял, но и прочитал их. Но для тех, кто не раскачивал своего персонажа в морских глубинах, я расскажу. Так же я поделюсь своим мнением по-поводу будущего Нептулона.Наги под предводительством леди Наз'жар и в союзе с безликими захватили Трон Приливов, сделав Нептулона пленником в его же собственном дворце. Чтобы элементальный лорд не сильно сопротивлялся, к нему приставили осквернителей. Сила Нептулона, как становится понятным из его реплик, напрямую зависит от чистоты окружающих его вод. И вот как удалось пленить Нептулона. На лицо Владыки Приливов прыгает огромный кракен Озумат, после чего элементальный лорд стремительно уменьшается в размерах и теряет силу. Это — результат соприкосновения воды, формирующей тело Нептулона, с гнилью, вырабатываемой Озуматом. В самом Троне Приливов мы видим множество осквернённых элементалей, разбрызгивающих гниль вокруг темницы Нептулона, бичевателей разума, мешающих ему сконцентрироваться на очищении, и самого Озумата, изрыгающего на готового вернуть силы Нептулона колоссальные потоки этой самой гнили.

А теперь особо обратите внимание вот на что: после боя с Озуматом получивший серьёзные ранения кракен скрывается в неизвестном направлении, а там, где недавно стоял Нептулон, остаётся сундук с сокровищами. Не задумывались, куда исчезает сам Повелитель-элементаль? С дистанции ближнего боя этого не увидеть — там все заняты избиением непрерывно плюющегося гнилью кракена, обхватившего водянистые стены зала. Стоя около самого Нептулона, можно увидеть:1. У Озумата остаётся 1 единица здоровья2. Из пасти кракена появляется тёмный луч, подобный тем, которые испускали бичеватели разума, и упирается в Нептулона3. Нептулон склоняет голову, находясь в состоянии оглушения;4. Луч засасывает Нептулона в пасть кракена, после чего кракен и уплывает в неизвестном направлении.Так Древние Боги показывают Нептулону, что он вовсе не повелевает водами — а лишь присматривает за ними, пока они разрешают. Поход игроков к Трону Приливов ничего не решил, кроме того, что был спасён Эрунак и убита военачальница наг. Цель же Древних Богов стараниями наг и безликих успешно достигнута: Нептулон нейтрализован и не будет мешать подчинению водной стихии. Сейчас где-то в глубинах продолжается процесс его осквернения. Готовимся в будущем встретиться с Осквернённым Нептулоном, которому хозяева "вправили мозги".Хотелось бы добавить следующее: до выхода Катаклизма в сети мелькала информация, на уровне слухов, что Нептулон будет рейдовым боссом. Даже в Бездонной пучине предусмотрен вход в рейдовое подземелье (на бете Катаклизма этот вход реально существовал), которое, увы, не состоялось.Согласитесь: голубовато-зелёный контраст с красно-чёрными Огненными Просторами был бы идеальным. Отправиться из раскалённого плато Повелителя пламени в прохладную пучину Владыка Приливов было б очень освежающе увлекательно.


В заключительных строчках хотелось бы сделать маленький анонс. Последняя статья будет посещена (чёрт побери, про кого же она?) Рагнаросу. Самому известному Повелителю-элементалю. Частично про него уже писали на mmoboom'e. И я очень постараюсь (ради тех, кому мои записки понравились), чтоб последняя статья не была похожа на предыдущие посты. И чтоб сделать её максимально интересной в конце будет "парад" очень интересных фактов по всем четырём Повелителям-элементалям и некоторым данным, которые напрямую с ними связанны..

Благодарю всех, кто прочитал мою статью и оценил её.

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